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Chinnor Pavilion

About The Chinnor Pavilion

Chinnor’s old sports club had been in existence for more than 40 years and had proved its worth as a social meeting place as well as a sporting venue. By 2011 refurbishment was long overdue and late that year a leaky roof into the changing rooms prompted urgent repairs and a closer inspection of the whole building. Underlying problems identified by local builders resulted in the Parish Council commissioning a Chartered Structural Engineer to examine the structure and fabric of the building.

In February 2012 the engineer reported that it would be false economy to try to repair the building and that we were likely to lose the facility as the building was becoming unsafe to use. Following consultations with the village, Chinnor Parish Council formed a sub-committee to undertake the long-term project to build a new pavilion for the community.

Completed and opened in February 2016 after two years of fundraising by Chinnor Parish Council and a team of dedicated volunteers, Chinnor’s new pavilion has re-vitalised the playing fields in Station Road.

Designed with eco-friendly, sustainable features, the building has solar PV cells on the roof which generate electricity for the pavilion, and a water harvesting system has been installed in the grounds. The state-of-the-art facilities include changing rooms, function room, kitchen and a licensed bar serving both the function room and the Clubroom.

There is a large patio area across the back of the pavilion which can be accessed from the bar or the function room, giving lovely views across the playing fields and providing additional usable space with patio furniture.

Exceptional audio/visual equipment has been installed in the function room so that live sport broadcasts can be relayed in the building and acoustic panels have been fitted in the Clubroom to improve sound quality. Regular discos and club meetings are being held during weekday evenings and private parties at weekends, whilst daytime activities include dance classes, art and play groups for young children, keep-fit, yoga and children’s football training.

If you would like to look round the facilities or for more information on bookings, please contact the Pavilion Steward, Laura Willis by emailing chinnorpavilion@gmail.com

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